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More Skunk Issues – Little Stinkers Can Be Awful Cute – But Beware!

Skunks Under Decks & Camps In Maine

Decks provide a shelter for skunks in a protected area to rear their young or just for a solitary skunk to den. When a skunk sighting or skunk odor becomes persistent it’s a good possibility they are living under the deck.

The Answer:

Trapping the offending critter and performing a deck trenching job will prevent the problem from recurring. Decks, Patios, Sides of cement porches/patios will all be eligible for trench work. Heavy screen enforced with screws will be a permanent solution to ANY kind of critter trying to infest underneath a structure.

Skunks Grubbing In Maine Lawns & Yards

Skunks and raccoons both will dig for grubs in our Maine lawns, and why not? Grubs and earthworms can be a great source of protein for these animals. The difference between raccoon and skunk damage in the lawn is obvious to the experienced wildlife control operator. Raccoons will “roll the sod” and create a mess, where as skunks will dig cone-shaped holes to extract the grubs and earthworms..

Skunks Getting Stuck In Window Wells

Skunks are not known for their great eyesight, nor climbing skills. It’s very common for us to to get calls for skunks that have stumbled into a window well and cannot get out. This situation calls for a specialist, almost even a “skunk whisperer” because this circumstance is like trying to play with a live grenade!

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