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Raccoons – The Bandit!

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The Cute Bandits - Critter Thieves!

The Expert Thieves

Raccoons are expert thieves and wear a mask as a disguise. Raccoons live throughout the United States. They live in forests and woodlands, but they also live near farms and in cities. Because they’re so smart, they can adapt to different areas.


Raccoons can all of a sudden interfere with your life. They can dig through your trash cans or compost bins. The'll eat dog food, crawl under your house or into openings in the attic. So watch out!

Raccoons Love Vegetables

Raccoons will dig for grubs in our Maine lawns, and why not? Grubs and earthworms can be a great source of protein for these animals. Raccoons will "roll the sod” and create a mess. But watch out for your garden!


Raccoons love raiding vegetable gardens. They knock over cornstalks to get the corn. And they love sweets: they'll devour any small melons or other fruit they can get at!

The Night Owl

Raccoons are nocturnal. They are awake during the night and sleep in the day. Though most active at night, raccoons sometimes forage for food by day.


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