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Guano Cleanup And Attic Reconditioning

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Wildlife Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

Maine’s Midcoast Guano Cleanup And Attic Insulation Company – We Remove Odors You Don’t Want In Your Home

Attics are like vacation homes for many species of critters in Maine, such as bats and flying squirrels. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get these critters to be potty trained.

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists have encountered many homes that have accumulated animal waste and urine-soaked into the insulation. The odors in the attic are obvious, but the smell will permeate into living spaces as well, which is a big problem.

Our company can handle any wildlife situation that is present and resolving hazards being caused by the critters, including guano being contained in the house causing unsafe living conditions. We will remove the waste and guano followed by sanitizing your attic. Insulation that has been contaminated by wildlife droppings should also be remediated, which oftentimes will mean the entire attic needs to be cleaned out.

We do it all. From removing the critters to repairing damage, our services are the best.

F.A.Q.’S: Common Questions About Guano Cleanup By Maine Homeowners

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Will My Homeowners Insurance Pay For All This?

Many homeowners policy’s will cover the cleanup of bat waste and damaged insulation. Most insurance policies will have a rodent exclusion clause. Meaning they will not cover damages caused by mice, squirrels, or flying squirrels. However, we do many jobs through insurance specifically for bats & raccoons.

Before I Call Insurance, What Do I Need To Know?

Do your research before contacting insurance. They will think of everything they can in order to not cover your claim, because that is just the nature of insurance. Bats are not rodents, they are mammals, and as such do not fall under their rodent exclusion clause, as we have heard other insurance companies trying to claim. It is also advisable to use the terminology of “damage” rather than “droppings” or “guano.”

What Are The Advantages Of Having An Attic Restoration?

There are both immediate and long term benefits of attic restoration. In the short term, odors will no longer pose an issue, in most cases. The home is healthier as a whole by not having contaminated insulation and harboring pathogens. Fresh, high-grade insulation will make the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and on larger homes will substantially reduce the cost of utilities.

If I Want To Sell My Home, Is This Absolutely Necessary?

Most prospective home buyers will want a home inspection done prior to purchasing a property. It is then where the animal waste may be discovered by the home inspector and become a point of contention on the sale of your home. Attic restoration will increase the value and desirability of a home, because it’s no longer a concern from the buyers perspective to associate additional costs with buying the house. Selling the house without disclosing a major repair cost, such as attic restoration, can potentially result in a lawsuit and more money lost, rather than just being honest or getting the issue resolved in the first place.

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