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Common Squirrels – Greys, Reds and Chipmunks

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Wildlife Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

Common Squirrel Problems In Maine

So What’s The Big Deal?

MWS Is Here To Explain

Signs of Squirrel Problems

Gnawing sounds inside an attic or wall is a common complaint. These squirrels are always chewing and will dig into insulation for bedding and nests. Vocalization or squirrel chatter is sometimes heard. They commonly access a tree to gain access to a home’s roof but can crawl up the side of a home and use telephone lines to get to the upper level of the house. Some customers will actually see the squirrels entering their home. The common access points on a home are louvered vents, places where the facial wood meets a roof-line, dormer corners areas, vents on a roof and also the ridge vent at the peak of a roof.

Pest Squirrel Removal Or Control

Removing these culprits involves trapping and removing the guilty party from the premises. On some squirrel species, you can install one-way doors to let them escape to the outside, then wire for the opening. But with Maine grey squirrels, our experience has been that they will chew their way back in. Because this is home to them, they have the powerful jaws and strong teeth to do so. Once we remove all the squirrels, we install wiring or sheet metal  over the holes to secure the opening.

Squirrel Problem Inspection

When a squirrel problem is suspected its best to consult a specialist in wildlife control to access the situation. Wildlife work takes years of experience to become proficient at. It does differ greatly from general pest control work.

There are times when mice, birds or bats are actually the problem and not squirrels. That’s why Midcoast Wildlife Specialists can access your property and accurately suggest a course of action depending on what we see.

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