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Midcoast Wildlife Specialists Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Wildlife Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists

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Maine Attic Cleanup And Remediation Services

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists offers attic decontamination and insulation removal/replacement services in Maine.

When nuisance pests such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, and birds invade the attic areas they cause many hazards that cannot be ignored, such as urine stains on drywall, fecal matter or guano buildup, and spreading parasitic insects such as fleas & mites.

Our team will provide a complete solution to your pest wildlife problem.

Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Will Often Cover Attic Restoration After Wildlife Damage.

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Quality Solutions For Wildlife And Attic Restoration

Attics pests in Maine will cause damage to H-VAC and insulation. MidCoast Wildlife Specialists can resolve and repair every aspect of your problem. Once the removal or eradication process has been successfully executed, we can move forward with attic remediation & guano clean-out services. Cleaning out the entire attic will not be necessary in every situation.

When the pests have been inside an attic for shorter periods of time, spot-cleaning of the contaminated areas is sometimes all that is necessary when there are minor amounts of feces and damage to insulation.

The attic inspection will be the final step in identifying the issue and recommending the type of service we see most appropriate, factoring the condition of your attic.

Animals Damaging R-Value Of Insulation

The State Of Maine’s insulation code is R-49 for attics. The higher the R-Value, the better your home will retain hot or cold air.

Every homeowner in our beautiful State will know how our frigid winters can get. The cold weather is why retaining high R-Value is very important. Proper attic insulation coverage will save thousands of dollars of heating/cooling expenses over time VS. attics without the appropriate coverage.

Many animals will trample and burrow through insulation, and this will cause a reduction in R-Value efficiency. Animal urine, guano, and nesting material can also cause dissolution in R-Value.

Midcoast Wildlife Specialists can fix this with our attic restoration services in Maine.

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