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There are plenty of critters in Maine that would just love to rip into your house and make it their own. And, they do! Midcoast Wildlife Specialists can resolve human & wildlife conflicts with our animal exclusion services.

“Exclusion” is the term used to describe sealing off your house to prevent pest critters from accessing it in the future. Animal exclusion is never done with the pest animals still inside, with the exception to bats & flying squirrels.

Bat & Flying Squirrel Exclusion

Technically, our service for bats and flying squirrels are deemed exclusions because we are sealing-up a good majority of the home. However, exclusion work is performed while the animals are still in the home, but to prevent them from being sealed inside we put up “one-way exclusion devices” so the offending pests can exit the structure, but not get back inside. Exclusion is part of the eviction of these 2 pests.

Red And Grey Squirrel Exclusion

This process begins after dark when the squirrels are in the home. These 2 species are removed from homes with the use of a one-way device that is connected to a multi-catch live trap. Up to 4 adult grey squirrels can be caught in a single setup. Using this method allows us to relocate the squirrels as a group, which will increase their chances of survival. This procedure also reduces the time spent trapping and we are able to resolve the problem much faster than traditional companies would in handling the immediate issue at hand.

Additionally, we can examine the squirrels caught to determinate whether any of them is a nursing female or not. A nursing mother squirrel brings a new challenge to the exclusion process, being there are likely young ones nested in the building somewhere. Thermal imaging cameras and 4’ scope or “snake cameras” make the process of finding the nesting babies go much smoother. Once we at last deem the home squirrel-free, we can move forward with repair work of the squirrel holes, which can be done by means of durable sheet metal, or we can replace boards and/or soffit to return the damaged spots back to original conditions. We are a full-service repair company and can conform our repair strategies to meet our customer’s preference.

Raccoons, Skunk, Porcupine, & Groundhog Exclusion

These pests must also be trapped and removed from the property before exclusion takes place. These critters just love to take up shelter underneath decks, patios, sheds, sunrooms, and more. Exclusion is done by digging a trench around the structure and installing heavy gauge wire to the edges of your deck, patio, shed, sunroom, or concrete slab. These are very effective barriers we put in place, but it can sure be a lot of work.

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